Workforce Apps
Workforce Apps

Automating travel risk and expense management

Gain enterprise visibility and operational efficiencies over your traveling workforce, knowing the whereabouts and assuring the safety of your people at all times.

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Why Knowmadics

We deliver seamless workflows to help you achieve success. Connect departments, increase collaboration, and protect your traveling staff through digital transformation.

How We Help

Increase the safety of your traveling workforce
Know the whereabouts and safety status of your people at all times; monitor and alert off of changing situations with live data feeds; and automate response with intelligent workflows.
Enhance enterprise visibility
Put realtime data from devices, sensors, and data feeds into context, instantly giving subject matter experts access to critical information, so they can evaluate risks and take action.
Improve operational efficiencies
Leverage the power of data with realtime dashboards and live maps—make better informed decisions, anticipate trends, maximize automation, and guide continual improvement.
Optimize response to critical events
Create assignments and automate the initiation of incident response activities with intelligent workflows—configure realtime alerting for SOS, check-in, geofence, proximity, live events, and more.
Improve business continuity planning
With a greater perspective on realtime activities, make better informed decisions and take more impactful action to minimize risk and protect from those who wish to inflict harm.
Meet your legal duty of care obligations
With the elevated and ever-changing corporate risk of critical events, it’s more important than ever to use the power of technology to make the world of work safer for your people. We are here to help.

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