Cyber Operations

Scenario-based, holistic cyber operations and training

Addressing vulnerabilities across people, data, devices and networks.

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Cyber Exercise Management

Provide cyber environment and target sets for developing current cyber Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures, customized to your needs and supervised onsite at your preferred location.
Engage in realistic scenario-based support for full-spectrum cyber operations.

Cyber Operations Training and Workforce Development

Develop your next generation of cyber experts, building on-net and wireless offensive and defensive capabilities. Customized, practical courses and ongoing service ensure training consistency and reliability.
Learn from an elite team of former practitioners.
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Red Team Testing Services

Red team methods thoroughly test systems, networks and digital supply chains before deployment. Comprehensive vulnerability assessments cover everything from CVE research and full network mapping to social engineering and ethical hacking – even for IoT devices.
Rigorously vetted operations that just can’t fail.

Continuous Innovation Program

Experts persistently analyze and scale emerging commercial technologies against new risks, even adapting them to unique public sector needs. We develop and test aided by current insights from our real-world training and exercise support.
Stay current through our continuous innovation program.
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Learn from elite experts
Our senior-level team includes former practitioners who know the job because they’ve done the job. They are uniquely qualified to teach your team about how to prepare for an exhaustive number of cyber threat scenarios.
Customize training for your unique needs
Skill up your team for the scenarios and risks most relevant to your organization. Experts deliver customized curriculum, and provide continuous service and training to ensure consistency over time.
Leverage real-world exercise support
Hands-on range exercises prepare cyber professionals for using the most current Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) to defend your organization against cyber threats.
Engage highly qualified red team resources
Find the gaps in your cyber posture before it’s too late. Knowmadics’ rigorous vulnerability assessments and penetration testing cover the breadth of your network environment – even IoT devices.
Accelerate knowledge transfer and skills development
Learning from the best means your team learns the most important techniques and capabilities – faster. Prepare them to tackle your top cyber concerns without pursuing lengthy coursework or degree programs.
Apply innovation quickly
Confidently apply emerging technologies. Our innovation experts continually assess new and evolving technologies, advising on those best for your specific defensive needs and how to apply them.