Workforce Apps
Workforce Apps
Personnel Logistics

Automating the end to end personnel logistics process

Reduce human error and dependencies on emails and spreadsheets
Collaborate with all stakeholders of the logistics supply chain
Stay connected with your mobile workforce

Achieve total enterprise visibility and improve operational efficiencies through digital transformation

How We Help

A single source of truth
Everyone—from employees to contractors to vendors—work from the same accurate data, keeping the field and office in sync.
Enhance enterprise visibility
Get a holistic 360° view of your entire workforce and monitor changing situations through every step of the process.
Gain operational efficiency
Monitor performance to reduce costs, detect operational bottlenecks, and pinpoint where automation can help.
Stay up to date with realtime alerts and notifications
Get the right information to the right people—at the right time. Delivered via email, SMS, mobile push notifications, and your in-app activity feed.
Empower collaboration between all stakeholders
Work better together and collaborate with all stakeholders through one-to-one, group, or live event in-app chat—available on web, Android, and iOS.
Improve business continuity planning
With a greater perspective on realtime activities, make better informed decisions and deliver more impactful actions to prevent disruption to your operations.

360° Logistics

Manage the movements and know the whereabouts of your people and cargo with intelligent workflows for travel requests and approvals, meet and greet, transportation via air, ground, or sea, personnel on board, and more.