Duty of Care

Protection as priority.

Navigate the complexities of modern workplace safety with a solution that’s designed for effortless use by everyone in your workforce. Our Duty of Care technology ensures you’re always aware of your team’s safety and location, especially in high-risk zones. With essential protections integrated from the start, making compliance with legal obligations not just a goal, but a given.

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Master your workflows, master your destiny. Convert bottlenecks into breakthroughs, enabling personnel to accelerate critical workflows.


Unify your data & devices, unify your workforce. Turn data silos and device diversity into a cohesive force, boosting team efficiency and innovation.


Secure your operations, secure your future. Elevate security from a necessity to a strategic asset, turning potential vulnerabilities into fortified strengths.

Ensure Duty of Care compliance, effortlessly.

In a world where corporate risk is ever-evolving, using technology is key to safeguarding your team. Our product, 360° Protect, is designed for this very purpose—to protect your employees in high-risk zones without fail. You will not only meet your legal duties; it’s about creating a secure, technology-empowered environment where safety is automatically integrated, and every employee is accounted for.

Legal compliance
Risk mitigation
Automated safety controls
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Communication & Alerts

Rapid response, simplified.

Transform your approach to critical events with alerts that do more. From real-time mass notifications to geofence breaches and urgent SOS check-ins, our intelligent system initiates automatic incident responses, keeping your team safe and informed, without the complexity.

Instant alerts
Automated intelligent workflows
Real-time mass communication
Device Management

Easy device management.

Gain complete operational command and control (C2) without the complexity. Our platform offers straightforward remote control, configuration, and comprehensive asset visibility. Secure and manage every device—from smartphones to GPS trackers—with ease, leveraging live maps for real-time location insights and playback, ensuring a seamless and secure common operational picture.

Command and control
Total asset visibility
Operational efficiency
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Data Feeds

Critical data at your fingertips.

Transform how your enterprise sees and reacts to dynamic situations by bringing critical real-time data to the forefront, instantly. This capability not only enhances visibility across your operations but does so for those on the ground too—providing unparalleled situational awareness. From live maps with traffic fluctuations to weather conditions and emergency alerts are delivered directly to you and your team.

Real-time data
Enhanced situational awareness
Zero lag

1,000 to 1

We transform the complexity of thousands of devices and data points in your workflow into a singular, cohesive information center. Our vast integration capabilities include products from hundreds of manufacturers, encompassing smartphones, smartwatches, GPS trackers, cameras, data feeds, SSO vendors, radios, and more—no matter the manufacturer or developer.

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360° Protect

A real-time Duty of Care solution designed for the complex and critical protection of individuals.

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