Defense & Intel

Total tracking, command, and control.

Near-realtime geolocation tracking solution designed for the complex and business-critical tracking of high-value people and assets. Know where your assets are at all times.

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Disrupt your threats, disrupt your adversaries. Convert cyber threats into opportunities for resilience, protecting your digital assets from evolving risks.


Advance your AI & ML, advance your decisions. Use AI & ML to transform data into actionable insights, empowering decision-makers to stay ahead.


Secure your operations, secure your future. Elevate security from a necessity to a strategic asset, turning potential vulnerabilities into fortified strengths.
Situational Awareness

Critical operations command.

Gain complete operational command and control (C2) without the complexity. Our platform offers straightforward remote control, configuration, and comprehensive asset visibility. Secure and manage every device—from smartphones to GPS trackers—with ease, leveraging live maps with geofenced alerts, ensuring a seamless and secure common operational picture.

Command and control
Total asset visibility
Real-time maps with geofence triggers & alerts
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Custom command dashboards.

Empower your team with dashboards that bring real-time data and maps to your fingertips. Create and share views that keep your global or regional workforce aligned and responsive, ensuring a synchronized stance on every critical event.

Critical event readiness
Unified team views
Region-specific views
Live Streaming

Instant live video and audio.

Experience ultra-low latency streaming that keeps your team fully informed with live video and audio. Deploy joint operations effortlessly with our secure Live Link technology, ensuring you’re always steps ahead.

Secure and shareable links
Seamless joint operations deployment
Ultra low latency streaming
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Mobile Workforce App

Any device, any time.

Prioritize security and budget with our mobile app, offering reliable, seamless in-field communication and safety. With easy device-agnostic enrollment, adding a new smartphone has never been easier—iOS or Android.

BYOD-Bring your own device
In-field communication and safety built-in
Easy enrollment

1,000 to 1

We transform the complexity of thousands of devices and data points in your workflow into a singular, cohesive information center. Our vast integration capabilities include products from hundreds of manufacturers, encompassing smartphones, smartwatches, GPS trackers, cameras, data feeds, SSO vendors, radios, and more—no matter the manufacturer or developer.

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360° Track

The first all-in-one, low-cost, device-agnostic tracking solution providing full situational awareness, command and control, alerts and notifications, and more.

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