EW & Cyber Ops

We know it because we've lived it.

Address complex security concerns with training rooted in real-world experience and situations. We enhance your team’s understanding of EW/Cyber threats through practical scenario-based training, providing access to advanced tools such as 360° Aware, resulting in protected people, devices and trusted data.

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Disrupt your threats, disrupt your adversaries. Convert cyber threats into opportunities for resilience, protecting your digital assets from evolving risks.


Advance your AI & ML, advance your decisions. Use AI & ML to transform data into actionable insights, empowering decision-makers to stay ahead.


Secure your operations, secure your future. Elevate security from a necessity to a strategic asset, turning potential vulnerabilities into fortified strengths.
EW/Cyber Training

Scenario-based training.

Tailored to EW/Cyber environments and target sets.
Development of current EW/Cyber Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP).
Training leverages 360° Aware capabilities.
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Red Team Testing Services

Our methods are proven.

Examination of systems, networks, and digital supply chains pre-deployment.
Comprehensive vulnerability assessments and inclusive evaluation of IoT devices.
Coverage of CVE research, full network mapping, social engineering, and ethical hacking.
Workforce Development

EW/Cyber Operations

Building next-generation EW/Cyber experts with ongoing training for consistency and reliability.
Develop offensive and defensive on-net and wireless capabilities.
Customized practical courses with patented training process.
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1,000 to 1

We transform the complexity of thousands of devices and data points in your workflow into a singular, cohesive information center. Our vast integration capabilities include products from hundreds of manufacturers, encompassing smartphones, smartwatches, GPS trackers, cameras, data feeds, SSO vendors, radios, and more—no matter the manufacturer or developer.

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